Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Class 55 "Deltic" action this week

Ever since I was little (c. 1982 - 1985, I reckon), I've had a pretty major thing for the BR Class 55 "Deltic" locomotives, especially when visiting the nearby North Yorkshire Moors Railway at Grosmont (streetview), and they had 55009 / D9009 "Alycidon" there.

Back in 2002, a pair of them were back at the NYMR for the summer..... at exactly the same time I'd been sent there to do work experience. I even had a chance to look around inside them (on the one day I'd forgotten to bring my sodding camera with me!).

This week it seems at least one of them is back at the NYMR, having seen 55022 "Royal Scots Grey" on Monday running passenger trips to Whitby and back. I've heard it going past on the days since, too.... here's the video footage I captured..........

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