Sunday, 29 April 2012

Blogger app for iPhone

Just installed this earlier today, and giving it a whirl now while I wait for dinner to finish cooking.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Something still needs to be done about the UK's Taxes on Petrol & Diesel

The other day I read an article saying it now costs £100 to fill the fuel tank of an average family car.
That means filling your car now costs:
  • £11 more than one of those Amazon Kindle E-Reader gadgets
  • Filling your tank 4 times costs the same as an iPhone 3GS cost me to buy outright on Pay as You Go from the Vodafone Online Store last year, or also the same as an iPAD2 16GB WiFi.
  • Filling it 5 times costs about the same as a near top of the range Panasonic Camcorder + decent sized SDHC card to record the pictures & video's on.
More articles on UK fuel tax from elsewhere......
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We've run out of money, let's treat a stackload more Foreigners on the NHS

So was the gist of a pair of Headlines I saw the other week, and been meaning to mutter something about on this blog ever since.
Anyone else see the logic in this?
Around 26th Feb, George Osborne says "UK has Run out of Money", and seems to be going ahead with a Fuel Tax rise at a time everyone's screaming out for him to cut the damn things to stop harming the economy + cut government spending to fund Tax cuts.
Then a few days later, there is the headline "Foreigners to get £20,000 HIV Drugs FREE on the NHS".... what part of "there's no money left" don't they get their heads round?
In Other News...............
Tax Paid to UK Government last year = £590billion
UK Government spending last year = £710billion
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