Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A couple of new websites...

I've just launched / re-launched a couple of new websites lately......

FootballChitchat - which can be found at http://www.footballchitchat.co.uk - is a messageboard community i've knocked together for fans of Football (soccer). Been meaning to get it going for a while, actually... installing messageboards is a pain in the butt, especially the CHMOD'ing part to set "Channel Permissions" to make it work. The board is largely functionally apart from the painstaking work of adding more boards for all the teams there are out there + making a few more colour schemes for future board members to choose from to customise how they see the messageboard.

Re-launched: My website for my home town.... http://whitby-north-yorkshire.co.uk has a fancy new colour scheme for the front end of the site, the messageboard is same as it's been since I installed the thing (desperately seeking members), and there's some extra domains pointing at the website:
During the past year I also launched Conservativechitchat - http://www.conservativechitchat.co.uk - a messageboard & blog community for followers of Conservative politics in the UK, USA & around the world. Still room for improvement in terms of board members, but the Twitter Feed doesn't seem to be doing too badly.

On a similar theme, I've also got Astronomychitchat - a messageboard for fans of Amateur Astronomy.