Friday, 29 June 2018

I Just Shot a Deer!

So I briefly got off my ass early this morning to stretch me legs after being sat at the computer too long, and I saw this.......

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Blog more

It seems the blogger app also still works on me old iPad that's still running on iOS5 (don't like the app icons on newer versions).

So maybe I will get round to blog more often like I keep promising myself

Monday, 21 May 2018

One thing I hate about May

As I lay here in bed, I'm beginning to think I don't like the month of May very much.
For the 3rd year running my chances of getting to sleep is being hampered by the buzzing noise of the wild bees that have taken up residence in the wall cavity next to my bed.
The only upside is that it's given me the chance to see if this old app for my old phone still works for typing posts to this thing.

Monday, 19 February 2018

My life may be lacking Lemon Buns

Lemon Bun, by Botham's
Lately I've been trying to remember when I last got to have a "Lemon Bun", somewhat a traditional staple of Northern English bakeries, and it's close cousin the "Lemon Finger Roll" (basically the same idea but more in the shape of a hot dog bun).

Basically it's like a sweet Bread roll / Fruit Teacake with sultana's in it, and a big dollop of lemon flavoured white icing on top. Used to get them all the time from Botham's bakery in Whitby delivered to the family grocery store (TV chef James Martin is also apparently a big fan of these too), while in other bakery chains dotted around Yorkshire (e.g. Cooplands?) I remember seeing more elongated versions, and I think same too over in Lancashire when I was a kid and my Grandparents took me over that way for Holidays around Blackpool / Morecambe / Lancaster / Lake District in Cumbria, etc.

Starting this post has also got me thinking about other products from the same place I don't seem to often enough these days such as the Butter Bun + the Chocolate Jap (still get stuff delivered in from Botham's, but my Dad seems to go easy on the range to save wastage).

The Butter bun is basically a sweet bread roll that's been slashed open, had a generous dollop of buttercream stuffed in it, then had a generous dusting of icing sugar.

The Chocolate Jap, is like 2 biscuits that kind of remind me a little of a Farley's rusk that've been sandwiched together with a generous coating of chocolate buttercream, then liberally covered in chocolate sprinkles.... they're really messy to get hold of, but taste so good.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

YouTube changes

It was recently announced that YouTube were making some changes to the service that means small time plebs can no longer make money from their vids on YouTube's platform.
[vid about it 1 | vid about it 2]

So I made this.......