Monday, 13 August 2018

Whitby Regatta 2018 - Greasy Pole

The Second of the vids I've been able to get from the 2018 Whitby Regatta is up, and is of the Greasy Pole competition on the lifeboat pier.
Still not as good as the footage as I got back in 2016, as I couldn't get a decent position in the scrum assembled on the pier to watch up close, and had to basically stretch my arm up as high as I could with the camera pointed in roughly the right direction, not really being able to see the tilt viewscreen on the camera because it was in a position I couldn't really see it without burning out my retina's from staring in the direction of the Sun.

Full playlists of this and previous Whitby Regatta footage I've recorded can be found through my videos website:

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