Saturday, 11 August 2012

JD is seriously pissed with Arvixe's webhosting "service"

Although I host the vast majority of my websites via 1&1 UK, for a variety of technical reasons I also have a few hosted with ARVIXE.

Around 2:15am this morning I popped in to see how these ARVIXE hosted sites were doing, only to find they were out of action because the MySQL server was playing silly sods.

They now seem to have gradually started working again now (But a bit hiccupy) as I write this, but holy s**t are there some problems I'm finding with them...........

With my AlltheInterweb Answers Q&A website, it seems to have rolled back to before I answered a test question in the early hours of Friday morning, and also to before I spent most of yesterday afternoon posting a crapload of new question categories in the travel section for Australia* & England** + 3 or 4 new question I added around this time yesterday afternoon.

With the WIKI attached to that website..... earlier in the week I spent most of an afternoon and some of the night deleting a massive great load of tossers (About 300 - 400 I reckon) & the bloody great backlog of spam articles they'd screwed-up my wiki with. From what I can make out now the site is back in action, we're back to f***ing square one again and i've got to fix that all over again. Also seem to have lost all the articles I've posted in the past week, including for the planet Saturn + Saturn the car brand + the English county of Hampshire (not sure what else). Oh, and reverted the article for Scarborough (North Yorkshire) to back before I added a photograph of the place to my article

Did I mention yesterday was the 2nd Anniversary of my Grandma dying?

* Australian state & city specific sections
** sections for "London", "North Yorkshire", "Lancashire & Merseyside", "West Yorkshire", "South Yorkshire", etc.

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